Why Noah

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    Pioneer in bringing AIDC technologies to Indonesia

    Noah Arkindo is the pioneer and leading provider of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) devices and systems in Indonesia. Since our inception in 2000, we have been consistently bringing quality and affordability to Indonesian public to encourage more efficient business operation through adoption of efficient, cost-saving technology, particularly AIDC.

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    We deliver right solution to solve your problem

    There is huge difference in your need and requirement for AIDC solution when you are a multinational company versus an SME, or when you are a retailer versus a manufacturer, or when you need airtight security versus simple data logging. We are dedicated to deliver the right solution to match your unique requirements and needs. You are never to purchase more than what you need.

  • Selection of quality products

    Because of our commitment to affordability and quality, our diverse range of products from renown brands has been upporting major companies in Indonesia as well as SMEs across different industries in meeting their automatic data capture needs.

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    Strong presence across Indonesia

    Our distribution channel has reached corners of Indonesia through hundreds resellers. It happens because we always put our customers and distribution partners at the heart of our operation. If you are interested to become our distributors or customers, please visit our distribution partners site.