Answer to Inefficiency, Accuracy, and Human Error Problem

You may not realize it, but modern businesses and lifestyle are surrounded by Automatic Identification and Data Capture technology. It is there to simplify complicated data entry to as quick as easy as a quick tap.

Imagine This !

A customer comes to the checkout
cashier with 50 ite
ms in her
shopping basket. Good news?  

Yes,  if the cashier is armed with a scanner, scanning the each item within 5 seconds. But what if the cashier still had to type in long product code for every product, making typo now and then. Probably it will end up with a long queue of impatient customers and a very tired error-prone worker.

Whether you need to capture where millimeter-small electronic parts are, or where huge shipping containers are placed, different AIDC technologies provides the solution. It solves many inefficiencies and human error challenges, aiding in various functions of businesses and government.