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Established under PT. Noah’s flagship, Toko Barcode serves as dedicated and professional sales arm for business-to-business distribution of Noah’s AutoID devices.

As Noah always emphasizes on strategies to maintain ‘high quality, low cost’, we are able to supply to our business clients, shops, and retailers at a very competitive price. This in turn allows them to stay ahead of their competitors, and grow together with us.

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Toko Barcode – indeed a great place to source for auto ID products!

5 Wins@Toko Barcode

1. Quality product

Toko Barcode, supported by PT Noah, only supplies quality products that have passed through our internal tests. We offer a diversified range of products, where every product belongs to the best in its respective class.

2. Sales term and condition

As Toko Barcode visions to grow together with our business clients, we make sure that our sales terms and condition provide best support for our clients. We also provide advices and strategies for our clients to succeed.

3. Service quality

We are supported by experienced and technical support staff, who are certified and have undergone series of trainings. Products can be serviced at our service center without being sent back to principals. This saves considerable amount of service time.

4. Convenience

Toko Barcode runs convenient and smart shopping. We are available online, and have physical presence in six cities. Our distribution hubs are located at shopping centers to welcome customers any day of the year. To support customers across Indonesia, Toko Barcode has set up its online presence for customers to shop any time any where.

5. Extensive network

Toko Barcode’s extensive network allows economic of scale while maintaining quality and service. Customers can approach any of the distribution hubs and service centers regardless where they purchased their products. Our reseller network also allows us to easily expand our product range and give more choices to our customers.

Online Hub

Distribution Hubs


Blok.A No. 129
Telp: 021 3000 5215
Fax : 021 6267 448


Lt.2 Blok.B No.70-71
Jl. Bubutan 1-7
Telp: 031 5468 889 ext.269
Fax : 031 5311 503


Komplek Ruko IBCC C1 No.5
Jl. Jend A Yani 296
Telp: 022 6905 2006/7
Fax : 022 7238 270


Jl. Kuantan No. 16
Medan 20214
Telp: 061 7622 9629
Fax : 061 7622 9629