Noah’s Solution for Retail

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    Your Situation & Challenges

    Retailers are facing tighter competition as new shops spring up, new competitive products launched, margin slashed.  Quality of products, availability, and speed of service, topped with broad smile, are what busy customers demand now.

    When your store is busy, the last thing you need is a long queue at the cashier because you have to do the transaction manually, or your price scanner does not work, or the receipt does not print.

    When fresh stocks come in, you also need to check them and store them quickly, so that your staff can do the selling efficiently and happily.

    Common concerns:

    1. Receive and count inventory quickly and correctly so no stock go waste

    2. Display at the right place to attract buyers

    3. Efficient cashiers to provide excellence shopping experience

  • Our Solutions

    AutoID system help retailers manage the inventory well, cut the cashier time, record your sales, deliver fast and pleasant service at the fraction of time compared to manual coding system.

    Noah has been supporting autoID systems at several hypermarkets, megastores and chain stores in in Indonesia, including famous mega stores, bookshop chain, and jewelery chain; as well as small independent stores.

    Our collaboration can start as early as planning and consultation to customize right devices to support the store management system.

    You will gain efficiency through implementation of devices and systems to capture the inflow and outflow of goods, as well as tracking the inventory. All can be served by AutoID system supported with fixed bar code scanner, portable barcode scanner, or even RFID systems. There is always some ways to increase your work and cost efficiency through autoID system.

    Don’t believe it? Check out our case studies to see how you can implement it in your own store – no matter what you sell and what’s your business size. There is always an AutoID system that suits you.

Noah’s real success stories

We understand the need of one store may differ than other store. The challenges of hypermarkets – handling thousands of product varieties that need different concerns, from big electronic products, household goods, packaged food, to meat and vegetables – are different from stores handling delicate diamond necklaces and rings.

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