Join us as our reseller

Noah’s journey in becoming the leading AIDC provider in Indonesia is inseparable from the contribution and commitment of its Resellers.

Thus Noah provide the greatest support to its Reseller partners to fit their needs. We ensure that you help our resellers plan and build successful sales efforts.

Five reasons why you should partner with Noah

  1. Excellent Reseller Program
    No matter of what scale your current business is, Noah always has the right reseller package for you. We invest in your success to ensure a long term win-win partnership.
  2. Quality Product
    Noah has a strong commitment to deliver quality products at a competitive price. It means you can rest assured that every product you sell are helping you make profit and build customer loyalty.
  3. Accessibility
    Our products are accessible across Indonesia through our online hub as well as physical hubs in six cities.
  4. Service Support
    Our service centers spreads in various cities in Indonesia. Our professional technical staffs ensures highest level of support.
  5. Knowledge Support
    Noah regularly holds reseller trainings to equip reseller partners with strong product knowledge.

Interested in becoming a Noah Reseller partner? Please contact us